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California school districts, universities, and colleges are making significant investments to construct new facilities and rehabilitate existing aging facilities. Education facilities are essential to California’s economy, improving California’s future by creating jobs, providing vocational training, and supporting innovative research. Public school enrollment exceeds 6 million and is growing with 8,000 individual schools and over $80 billion in school facilities. At the higher education level, over 2.1 million students are enrolled throughout California’s 112 community colleges, making the California Community College System the largest higher education system in the U.S.

California State University campuses enroll over 446,000 students per year; the University of California system has 233,000 students and 1.7 million living alumni and there are over 188 private colleges and universities throughout California. RMA has committed significant time and energy to understand the needs of this market segment. We have developed specific technologies and processes to address the needs of our growing clientele in this important market.