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Atlantic Street Water Line Rehabilitation

Atkantic Street Water Pipe


Atlantic Street Water Pipe Rehabilitation Project
Client: City of Roseville
Construction Cost:
Location: Roseville, CA
This project rehabilitates approximately 2,240 feet of a 20-inch cast iron pipe installed in the 1920s that conveys potable water across a portion of the City. A condition assessment and risk analysis were conducted by the Environmental Utilities Department identifying the need for the project. Considerable attention was taken in minimizing impacts to businesses and residences in close proximity to the transmission main. The project began at the intersection of Yosemite/Atlantic streets and ran south-westerly to the intersection of Republican Alley/Washington Boulevard.

The rehabilitation of the existing pipeline was accomplished through a combination of open trench excavation to remove the existing lines and replace them with new water lines, and trenchless boring and jacking techniques that installed the new lines with minimal impact to the residences and businesses in the community.

RMA Group provided geotechnical engineering, construction inspection, and laboratory materials testing for the project under our on-call agreement with the City of Roseville. We provided geotechnical consultation and testing of earthwork for relative compaction of trench backfills, subgrade, and aggregate base. We also provided laboratory materials testing of the asphalt pavements that were used to repair the sections of the streets excavated during trenching operations to confirm that the Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) supplied to the project conformed to Caltrans Standard Specifications, Section 39.

RMA Group utilized a mobile laboratory to provide all testing onsite. The use of our mobile laboratory allowed our staff to provide real time results of our testing in hours, helping to reduce delays in construction and minimizing the negative impacts of the project on the local community.