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California cities, counties, and state and local transportation authorities are making significant investments to innovate our state’s transportation culture. The State of California plans to spend $56.7 billion in capital funding to renovate and augment aging infrastructure over the next five years. $53.4 billion of this budget is intended for transportation infrastructure improvements. Beyond the state’s budget, the Self-Help Counties Coalition plans to expedite renovations to transportation infrastructure in 20 counties through voter-approved transportation sales tax measures with intentions to spend over $95 billion over the next 28 years. In this fashion, Los Angeles hopes to boost its economy by completing its 30/10 Initiative which will allow Metro to complete 12 mass-transit projects in 10 years instead of 30, spending $37.4 billion and creating 160,000 jobs for LA residents.

In anticipation of these planned renovations, RMA group has established itself as California’s leading provider of transportation related geotechnical engineering, construction inspection, and materials testing with offices and laboratory facilities throughout California. We own and operate a fleet of self-sufficient mobile laboratories that may be deployed to any job site in hours. We employ over 200 of the industry’s brightest pavement engineers and technical professionals, and are fully invested in the successful outcome of our clients’ projects. The RMA team has demonstrated an unrivaled combination of knowledgeable personnel, laboratory resources, and proprietary project controls which set us apart from our competition.