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Belmont Terrace

Belmont Ter. Martinez


Belmont Terrace
Location: Martinez, CA
Client: The O’Brien Group
Construction Cost: $15,000,000
For this new townhome development, RMA Group performed a geologic and geotechnical investigation of the site and conducted grading and special inspection services during construction. The entire site was underlain by an ancient landslide up to 50 feet in depth. In order for the development to be constructed, remediation consisted of complete removal and replacement of landslide deposits beneath the development area and into parts of the adjacent open space area. Approximately 550,000 cubic yards of slide repair was performed. A subdrain network was constructed beneath the landslide repair to remove groundwater and prevent future slides from occurring.

The development was terraced to create several level building pads. As a result, approximately 60,000 square feet of soil nail walls, ranging in height from five to 15 feet, were required to support the terraces. RMA Group provided observation and testing services during the grading repair of the landslide. We provided wall design criteria including gross stability analyses for the soil nail walls, and geotechnical observation and testing during installation of the soil nail walls including confirming soil nail lengths, nail requirements, grouting operations, casting of grout cylinders for compression testing, and load testing of the nails. We also provided compaction testing of utility trench backfill and site improvements and performed special inspection services during the construction of the post-tensioned slab foundations used on the residences.