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Bolder Holt Sewer

Boulder Holt


Westside Interceptor Relief Sewer
Location: Chino
Client: Inland Empire Utilities Agency
Cost: $5,500,000
Bolder-Holt Sewer Improvement Project
Location: Ontario, CA
Client: City of Ontario
Construction Cost:
This project consisted of the construction of approximately 3,325 linear feet of 12- to 15-inch-diameter, vitrified clay pipeline (VCP) along various streets within residential and business areas and connecting new lines to the existing sewer lines. Fourteen manholes were also constructed at various locations along the pipeline. The pipeline was installed using open-cut-and-cover techniques with the invert depth of the new sewer lines ranging from approximately 7 to 15 feet below the ground surface.

RMA Group provided geotechnical engineering consultation and construction materials testing for the project under an on-call professional services agreement with the City of Ontario. During construction, we supplied materials testing technicians to perform testing on an on-call basis. The technicians performed nuclear gauge density testing for trench backfill, crushed aggregate base, and asphalt concrete pavement.

Understanding the importance of staff continuity to the overall success of any project, RMA Group worked to ensure that the same technician was dispatched to the project each time a service call was made throughout the entire five-month construction schedule.