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Community Colleges

RMA Group has worked on more than 1,500 educational facility projects under Division of State Architect jurisdiction, including significant new development and rehabilitation on California’s community college campuses for new construction and major renovation projects. During the last five years, RMA Group has worked on more than 80 community college projects.

The limited budgets available to construct community college facilities led RMA to develop in-house software that provides real-time budget validation of our work to ensure that we always complete our services within scope and under budget. The emphasis we place on budget validation and responsiveness has warranted many repeat clients.

RMA has just started our 27th project for the Los Angeles Community College District. Likewise, San Jose-Evergreen Community College District has turned to RMA Group for dependable professional engineering services for more than six years. We have provided our full range of professional engineering services on several projects for building improvements, through planning and construction of new campus structures.

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