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El Dorado Hills Wastewater Treatment Plant

El Dorado Hills Water Treatment Plant


El Dorado Hills Wastewater Treatment Plant
Construction Cost:

This project expanded the existing wastewater treatment plant’s average dry weather flow of three-million gallons per day to four-million gallons per day.

The EID plant expansion included a new pump station consisting of three 0.8-mgd, 100-hp, VFD-driven vertical turbine pumps operating at pressures of 190 psi. The pumps were placed in economic pump cans drawing from a small wet well. In the event of pump failure, spills are contained in an unlined surge pond located adjacent to the wet well. A filter backwash system tied to the pump station delivers backwash water to the tertiary filters. The project was necessitated due to projected population growth and increased treatment capacity for the surrounding community.

As part of the On-Call Consultant Services Agreement with the El Dorado Irrigation District, RMA Group coordinated materials testing and inspection requirements with the District’s staff, providing materials testing technicians and inspectors to perform field and laboratory tests. Construction inspection was conducted as required to verify conformance of the materials for the project to the approved plans and specifications.
RMA Group provided new tank concrete pour/placement observation, sampling, and testing. We also performed inspection of shotcrete operations and observed grout placement. Additionally, RMA was responsible for compaction testing of subgrade soils, aggregate base, and aggregate concrete for new pavements as well as backfill compaction testing for utility trenches.