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Exposition Light Rail Corridor



Exposition II
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Client: Skanska USA
Construction Cost: $1,500,000,000
Phase 2 of the Exposition Transit Corridor will extend the rail line out to Santa Monica—a 6.6-mile corridor addition from the Phase I terminus in Culver City. This phase includes seven new stations, some with parking, construction of a three-story parking structure, and six post-tensioned concrete bridge structures, the largest spanning more than 2,700 feet in length. The extension will serve an estimated ridership of 4,000 daily riders from Downtown LA to Santa Monica by 2030. The project includes multiple aerial-bridge structures. The bridges are constructed with post-tensioned soffits and decks, structural hinges, stem walls, and a platform. Abutments utilizing CIDH pile foundation systems support each of the structures. Bridge structures are reinforced with up to #18 coupled reinforcing steel.

RMA Group is responsible for the supervision and coordination of inspections and testing on a daily basis, primary review of inspection and testing records, and implementation of the Quality Program Manual. To provide test results in a timely manner, RMA has provided an on-site laboratory approved by Caltrans, LA City, and ISO 17025.

RMA is present during the production process and responsible for making decisions with respect to overall quality-control issues and implementation of the Quality Program Manual. Additionally, RMA is providing comprehensive inspection services including inspection of grading, mass reinforced-concrete placements, embedded anchorage, stray-current cathodic protection systems, structural-steel support installation, aluminum curtain wall glazing systems, post-tension concrete, grouting, cable railing, water-proofing installation, and concrete paving. RMA Group is also providing materials testing technicians to perform all testing of compaction, concrete, welding, tensioning, epoxy bounding, and reinforced steel.