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Gavilan College
Location: Gilroy, CA
Construction Cost:
Client: Gavilan Community College District, BFGC Architecture, Kitchell CEM
RMA Group served as geotechnical and geological consultant during geotechnical and geohazard investigation for various expansion and improvement projects at the Gavilan College campus south of Gilroy, California. Because of the college’s proximity to the Carnaderos Fault, we conducted Fault Rupture Hazard studies to determine the locations of active traces of the fault relative to proposed new buildings. Our investigations also included a general geohazard investigation for the entire campus and geotechnical investigations for construction of several proposed new buildings and improvements. During this work, our engineers and engineering geologists had to coordinate with the architect, the Community College District, the construction manager, and the California Geological Survey to insure timely acceptance of the design documents by DSA.

During construction, RMA Group monitored excavations for evidence of faulting and performed geotechnical observation and testing of earthwork activities. In addition, our staff performed special inspection and materials testing of structural elements in accordance with Title 24 and the California Building Code to ensure that the projects were constructed in conformance to the design plans and specifications and to ensure that the materials incorporated in the structures met the strength and durability requirements of the building code.