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I-5 Boat Section



I-5 Boat Section
Location: Sacramento
Client: CC Meyers
Construction Cost: $41,000,000
The I-5 “Boat Section” Project replaced a ¾-mile roadbed section to rehabilitate the drainage and roadway systems in place. This project consisted of 2,600 cubic meters of Rapid Strength Concrete (RSC) which repaired both the north and southbound lanes of Interstate 5. An additional 8,500 cubic meters of RSC were placed through the “Boat Section.”

This project required traffic restrictions on I-5 through downtown Sacramento, a vital north-south link which serves more than 190,000 vehicles a day. Originally, this project was designed to be constructed using a total of 114 weekend closures, creating traffic impacts for the citizens of Sacramento for over two years. To expedite construction, the contractor proposed a 10-day full freeway closure in lieu of the original drawn-out schedule. The contractor mobilized a legion of engineers and subcontractors to construct the improvements around the clock throughout the 10-day closure. As a part of this aggressive plan, RMA Group was given 48-hours notice to mobilize sufficient inspectors and technicians to match the contractor’s efforts. In partnership with Caltrans, the California Trucking Association, the City of Sacramento, and the City of West Sacramento, RMA was able to contribute to a significant reduction in the project’s impact to traffic.

In order to successfully meet the high demands of the contractor, RMA Group mobilized 10 technicians and three fully equipped mobile laboratories to the project. The comprehensive capabilities of these readily available mobile labs made RMA the only local firm capable of meeting the accelerated schedule. We performed all Quality Control and Quality Assurance testing for the project including subgrade, aggregate base, hot mix asphalt, and concrete. All of the personnel were certified by Caltrans to perform the materials test required in accordance with Caltrans test procedures and the Manual of Independent Assurance Sampling and Testing. The technicians and laboratories mobilized by RMA Group were utilized to perform all acceptance testing for the project in accordance with the Caltrans Construction Manual.