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RMA Group has worked on thousands of projects constructed under the Division of State Architect (DSA) guidelines, including hundreds of K-12 school districts’ new construction, reconstruction, and major renovation projects, and has served on more than 100 educational facilities’ new construction and modernization projects in the last five years alone.

During the past 20 years, RMA Group has provided geotechnical design, testing, and inspections services on over 500 school and essential services projects. RMA Group is committed to establishing long term relationships with our clients. Each year over 80% of our work is generated by repeat business from existing clients. As an example, Milpitas School District has turned to RMA Group for dependable professional engineering services for more than 15 years. We have provided our full range of professional engineering services on more than 12 projects for this district ranging from modernization projects and campus repairs to the acquisition, planning, and construction of completely new school sites.

Likewise, Campbell School District has turned to RMA for professional services on a wide variety of modernization and expansion projects over the last five years including the recently completed construction of performing arts centers executed concurrently at five district campuses. Our long history of serving clients on repeat projects illustrates our focus on providing a high level of service to you on your projects today and in the future.