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Los Angeles Community College District
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Client: Los Angeles Community College District
Construction Cost: $269,514,000
The Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) is the largest community college district in the United States, educating more than 130,000 students at nine campuses spread throughout 36 cities in the greater Los Angeles area. RMA Group has provided services through an as-needed contract since 2008. For more than 20 projects we have concurrently provided either Inspector of Record (IOR) or Laboratory of Record (LOR) services on several of the District’s campuses.

Our Laboratory of Record services consist of materials testing and special inspection of reinforced concrete, shop welding and fabrication, field welding and erection, high strength bolting, and reinforced masonry, roofing, plaster, veneer, anchor bolt, and shot pin testing for structural systems, piles testing, and asphalt sampling and testing. Our team assigned multi-disciplinary inspectors and technicians that could provide inspections of multiple tasks and on multiple projects to maximize the efficiency of our services.

The East Los Angeles College Performing Arts Center was one of the largest of these projects. While the center is a vital resource for students, it also serves as the cornerstone of East LA’s art community. The 160,000-square-foot project consists of three buildings – Vincent Price Art Museum; Dance, Music and Visual Arts building; and Theater Arts building. When under construction, this was the second-largest project in the Los Angeles Community College District’s $6 billion Sustainable Construction Program, and one of the 50 largest projects under construction in Los Angeles County.

 With our depth of resources we were able to meet the construction schedules and provide services for up to ten projects concurrently. RMA’s experience with LACCD includes these campus buildings:

Behavioral ScienceCampus Center Building
Child Development Center
Family Resource Center
Fulton Entry
Library & Academic Resource Center
Northeast Quad Parking Structure
Performing and Fine Arts Complex
Photovoltaic Solar Power – Parking Lot D
Planetarium Building
Student Services Center
Omega Data Center
Campus Center East and West
Temporary Learning Resource Center
Performing and Fine arts ComplexE3 & E5 Replacement (Multi-Media Buildings)

Life Science Building Mod and Chemistry Building
Clausen Hall Renovations
Health, Fitness and PE Building
Student Union Building

Agricultural Science Renovation
North of Mall Project
Carport Structures

Campus Center Building

Carport Structures