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Lancaster Wastewater Reclamation Plant

Lancaster Wastewater Reclamation Plant Expansion


Lancaster Wastewater Reclamation Plant Expansion
Location: Lancaster, CA
Client: County of Los Angeles Sanitation District
Construction Cost: $500,000,000
This multi-stage project upgraded the level of treatment at the Lancaster Water Reclamation Plant from oxidation ponds to conventional activated sludge treatment with tertiary filtration and disinfection, adding new storage reservoirs, a pump station, and pipelines for the storage and distribution of recycled water to reuse sites. These facilities allow recycled water to be stored when the demand for water is low and utilized when the demand for water is high. An 18-mile pipeline supplies recycled water to a 5,000-acre agricultural site to the northeast of Lancaster; the existing water reclamation plant was upgraded and expanded to 18 MGD and an additional 4,000 acre-feet of recycled water storage capacity was added.

RMA Group performed geotechnical observation and testing during rough grading, post grading compaction testing for on and off-site improvements, and special inspection and testing of concrete, asphalt, masonry, welding, and post-installed anchors. We also performed radiographic examination of welds for the thousands of pipeline and mechanical connections required to construct the project.