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Magnolia Power Plant

Magnolia Power Plant


Magnolia Power Plant
Location: Burbank, CA
Client: Aker Kvaerner-Songer Inc.
Construction Cost: $300,000,000
The new Magnolia Power Plant was constructed to replace two decommissioned plants, Magnolia Units 1 and 2. The old units were removed prior to the 30-month construction of the new plant, which is twice as efficient and produces 90% fewer emissions than the old units produced.

Magnolia utilizes state-of-the-art combined-cycle electric generation technology. The facility includes a combustion turbine generator, heat-recovery steam generator, steam turbine generator, cooling towers, a zero-liquid discharge system, and the control and services building.

8,000 hours per year or more, the unit operates in a base-load mode between 120 and 242 megawatts; during periods of high electricity demand, such as hot summer days, the unit can be operated up to 310 megawatts.
RMA provided special inspection and materials testing services during all phases of construction. Our services included geotechnical monitoring and soils testing, and special inspection and materials testing services for all structural work including concrete, masonry, reinforcement, structural steel welding, high-strength bolting, and non-destructive testing of welds.

RMA Group implemented a site-specific safety program for the Magnolia Power Plant project to comply with project requirements and ensure that the work completed by our staff was completed in a safe manner.