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California’s population has been increasing exponentially since the gold rush of the mid-19th century. A recent aftershock of the gold rush in Silicon Valley—home to a fast-growing technology sector—was responsible for the largest share of migration-based population growth in 2013. That year, California added 332,000 people, the highest population growth rate since the recession. As the job market improves, California’s population continues to grow. Currently, California has a larger population than all but 34 countries in the world, and the census predicts that our population will stay true to its exponential growth, reaching over 42 million by 2020.

Folsom Dam

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is directing the construction…

California attracts young, well-educated individuals who intend to raise their families in our state. The families of this growing population need a consistently increasing amount of housing and local services. The State of California has also pushed to redesign our residential communities and commercial retail centers, decreasing urban sprawl and encouraging a pedestrian lifestyle for this quickly growing population.

Prado Dam

Prado Dam, located on the Santa Ana River, is a…

In order to facilitate this growth, RMA has invested in the technology and expertise necessary to design and construct residential developments, commercial retail centers, and master-planned communities, assisting in every aspect of each project from initial geotechnical design to final construction phases.

San Sevaine Channel

The San Sevaine Creek Water Project was officially initiated in…