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Special Inspector | Northern California

RMA Group is looking for ICC Special Inspectors holding one or more categories of accreditation for reinforced concrete, pre-stressed concrete, structural masonry, structural steel welding, high strength bolting, and/or fireproofing to work on a variety of projects in the Northern California and Greater Bay Area. Current American Concrete Institute (ACI) certification for concrete required; AWS / CWI certification a plus as are specialty certifications for DSA Masonry, ICC Master of Special Inspections, ICC Commercial Building, and ICC Plumbing and Electrical. Positions are immediately available.

RMA Group Special Inspectors are proud members of Operating Engineers Local 3.

Ideal Candidate:
The ideal candidate will possess a minimum of ICC Reinforced Concrete and ACI Concrete – Grade 1 certifications. Experience with Nuclear Gauge Operation is a plus.

Please submit a current resume detailing your project names, locations, and year(s) of activity (per project) as well as your specific role on the project. Please also include color copies (front and back) of your valid ICC, ACI, AWS (if applicable) cards.

Desired Certifications:
• AWS Certified Welding Inspector
• ICC Reinforced Concrete
• ICC Pre-Stressed Concrete
• ICC Structural Masonry
• ICC Structural Welding
• ICC High Strength Bolting
• ICC Spray-Applied Fireproofing
• ICC Building, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing
• DSA Masonry Shotcrete
• Nuclear Gauge Operator

RMA Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer


Please email resume to Shawnie Marquez at