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Prado Dam

Prado Dam


Prado Dam
Location: Corona, CA
Construction Cost: $280,000,000
RMA scope of work:
Prado Dam, located on the Santa Ana River, is a flood control and water conservation project constructed and operated by the USACE, Los Angeles District. Dam improvements were undertaken to provide an additional 140,000 acre-feet of storage capacity to the reservoir. Improvements included raising the height of the dam by 30 feet, building a new intake tower, and constructing a new intake structure and outlet conduits, which incorporated channelization from the base of the dam to the gauging station drop structure. Improvements to the outlet increased controlled outflow capacity from 9,000 cubic feet per second (cfs) to 30,000 cfs.

RMA Group provided geotechnical and civil design recommendations for the construction of a temporary coffer dam to protect the new outlet tower during construction. The coffer dam was designed to be founded in sedimentary bedrock and constructed with compacted low permeability soils.

RMA provided the Corps of Engineers with three full-time laboratory technicians to perform laboratory testing of the materials used in the construction of the project under the direction of the Corp’s staff. We also provided a Quality Control manager, Quality Control inspectors, and Quality Control technicians to provide inspection and testing of all elements of the project.

Significant elements of the project included 1.2 million cubic yards of earthwork to construct the embankment for the main dam, as well as the testing and inspection of all aggregates, concrete, masonry, and reinforced steel used in the construction of the 170-foot outlet tower, which required 125,000 cubic yards of concrete.

In order to improve efficiency and expedite testing for the project, RMA Group mobilized an onsite laboratory approved by the Corps of Engineers, allowing all required materials testing to be completed onsite.