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Public & Private Universities

RMA Group has worked on hundreds of higher educational projects including construction at California’s UC and Cal State systems as well as private colleges. The diverse nature of the university system has led to a wide variety of complex and intriguing projects including research facilities, laboratories, community centers, and campus residential developments, as well as conventional classroom buildings, with many receiving LEED certification. RMA Group’s diverse set of professional services uniquely enables us to respond to the wide variety of issues that may arise on these projects and to provide our university clients a resource they can trust to deliver on any project they undertake.

Our inspectors and technicians are highly qualified, experienced, cross-trained, and hold multiple certifications, including DSA Masonry, ICC, ACI, AWS, and Caltrans credentials in order to inspect the diverse elements of construction projects simultaneously. This allows us to provide inspection services for projects in a highly efficient manner, thereby reducing the overall cost of inspection and testing programs.