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Santa Ana

Santa Ana Unified School District


Client: Santa Ana Unified School District
Location: Santa Ana, CA Various School Sites

Scope of Work:

Geotechnical Investigations
DSA Laboratory of Record
DSA Special Inspections

RMA has a long-standing relationship with the Santa Ana Unified School District and understands the importance of meeting demanding deadlines and staying within budget on their K-12 projects.

The Santa Ana School District portable to permanent classrooms program required the replacement of portable classrooms with permanent classroom buildings at multiple public school campuses. During the initial design phase of the program, RMA group was responsible for preparing geotechnical investigations for five separate sites concurrently. Due to funding deadlines, we were asked to complete all five investigations in just four weeks. RMA issued interim reports for seismic design criteria in order to further expedite the design process, allowing the structural engineer to start before the complete geotechnical report was issued. We also met with the California Geologic Survey reviewers to ensure that the reports would be approved on their initial review.

RMA Group prepared a geotechnical investigation report for use in planning and design at each site in accordance with the requirements of the 2007 California Building Code, California Geological Survey Note 48, ASCE 7, and the office of the State Architect.  The scope of our services on this project was expansive. We were responsible for reviewing all geologic, seismic, and groundwater data. We also examined aerial photographs and contacted underground service alert to locate onsite utility lines. Once these initial reviews were completed, we obtained permits to drill exploratory borings in areas with groundwater; 30 of these exploratory borings were then logged, sampled, and backfilled. Because four of the schools are located in California Seismic Hazard Zones for liquefaction, we performed detailed analyses of liquefaction potential, seismically induced settlement, potential lateral spreading and bearing failure, and hazards to lifelines. After conducting laboratory testing of representative soil samples, we prepared a comprehensive written report of our findings, conclusions, and recommendations.

Upon this project’s completion, Facilities Planner for Santa Ana Unified, Tova Corman, wrote to us to express her appreciation for our performance:

“I appreciate the attention to detail that RMA Group demonstrates on our projects. I have had the opportunity to directly work with your staff and find them to be a dependable and professional extension of the District’s resources. They maintain constant communication with the entire team and are committed to the successful delivery of a project. Most importantly, RMA Group was very successful in meeting tight deadlines and producing deliverables. I look forward to our next opportunity to work together and would be pleased to recommend RMA for other K-12 projects.”