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Station Oaks Commercial Building

Station Oaks Commercial Building Walnut Creek CA


Station Oaks Commercial Building
Location: Walnut Creek, CA
Construction Cost: $80,000,000

Station Oaks consists of a seven-story, 180,000-square-foot office space and a five-level parking garage both over a one-level below-grade basement. RMA Group performed the original geotechnical investigation. Due to the presence of weak soil, we offered several options to support the structure. The most economical foundation system selected was a spread footing system supported on geo-pier improved foundation soil.  The office building and parking garage are both steel frame structures with post-tensioned floors.

RMA was engaged to perform geotechnical and special inspection services for the construction of the project. Our work consisted of basement wall backfill, utility trench backfill, observation of geo-pier installation, observation of footing excavations, special inspections on post-tensioned concrete, concrete placement, shotcrete placement, fireproofing, structural steel welding on-site and shop fabrication, high strength bolting installation, and ultrasound testing of complete joint penetration welds.