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Taxilane T LAX

Taxilane T


LAX | Taxilane T
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Construction Cost:
Taxilane T is a 3,166-foot-long, 300-foot-wide Portland Cement Concrete paved taxilane. Running north-south to connect Taxiways C and D, the new taxilane replaced Taxiways Q and S, forming half of the Dual Taxilane System in between LAX’s future Bradley West terminal and the proposed Midfield Satellite Concourse gates. The full project scope included construction of the Taxilane T service road, the relocation of fuel lines and other utilities, all grading, installation of airfield signage and lighting, and construction of LADWP and LAWA power and communication ductbanks. Associated work consisted of the demolition and retrofitting of the TWA Hangar, acquiring an emission reduction credit, and site restoration of American Airlines’ former LowBay Hangar and ramp.

RMA Group was responsible for overall quality management and quality control testing and inspection in accordance with Federal Aviation Administration Guidelines. We prepared a comprehensive quality control plan and staffed the project with an onsite quality-control program administrator, inspectors, and technicians to ensure construction activities complied with the project plans and specifications.
RMA Group utilized an onsite laboratory complete with a concrete curing facility to cure the flexural strength beams fabricated to confirm the strength of the pavement. This approach allowed our staff to work efficiently and provided a higher level of quality by avoiding potential damage that transportation of the specimens could have caused.