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The Preserve



The Preserve
Location: Chino, CA
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The Preserve at Chino is a master-planned community that will ultimately develop 9,779 single-family residences on 1,236 acres consisting of 626 acres of commercial and retail centers, 586 acres of schools and public facilities, and approximately 2,987 acres of recreational, agricultural, and natural open space. The Preserve will be a gracious community with tree-lined streets and parks close to home, walkable neighborhoods, and private recreation facilities.

For over 10 years, RMA Group has been providing professional consulting services and construction support services to the various developers, municipalities, and public agencies that are involved in the project. We have provided environmental, geologic, seismic, and geotech­nical studies from the initial due-diligence and land-acquisition phase through the entitlement and construction of the various elements of the project.