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Water Infrastructure

California has an indisputable need for water facilities. Drought and aging water infrastructure call for improvement projects throughout the state in order to ensure that our growing population has access to clean water. The 2014 California Water Bond plans to build additional facilities to increase storage capacity while the Water Quality Act has moved to improve detention and recharge of flood waters. With the necessity of these planned improvements in mind, RMA has invested in the technology and expertise necessary to support California through the water crisis.

RMA Group has extensive experience in assisting water districts and agencies, as well as other public agencies in delivering water and wastewater projects for the benefit of the communities they serve. Some of the key facilities and delivery systems we have worked on include dams, pipelines, desalinization plants, waste-water treatment plants, reservoirs, conveyance channels, and LEED demonstration buildings. For all of these projects we are able to offer full range services, from initial geotechnical engineering and design to the final construction phases.

At RMA, Every Project Matters. For over 50 years, this maxim has enabled us to provide our clients with the highest quality results, while continuously inspiring our team to learn, grow, and advance with our industry.